Identifying hazardous situations before they become problems..

Play Force offer a variety of playground inspection services that aid play providers in the pursuit to provide safe and enjoyable playgrounds for everyone.

Our inspection services extend from routine visual inspections intended to identify obvious hazards like wear and tear and vandalism through to comprehensive annual inspections intended to assess the overall safety of a playground and determine conformance with the relevant Australian Standards.

Inspection services provided:

  • Comprehensive post-installation inspection - Verifies that a playground conforms with the requirements of the relevant Australian Standards prior to opening.

  • Routine visual inspection - Identifies obvious hazards that may result from wear and tear, vandalism or weather conditions. This should be conducted regularly.

  • Operational inspection - In addition to the hazards identified in the routine inspection, the operational inspection assesses the functionality of the equipment. This should be conducted on a quarterly bases as a minimum.

  • Comprehensive annual inspection - In addition to all the hazards identified in the previous inspections, the comprehensive annual inspection assessed the playground against the requirements of the relevant Australian Standards to determine compliance.

All Play Force inspectors are accredited Level 3 Playground Auditors and undergo both internal and external regular training.

Why not do routine inspections on your own?

Download our Routine Visual Inspection checklist and get started today..

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