impact testing

Falls from height are inevitable when it comes to play..

With the increase in giant play structures like sky towers and spatial nets, It's never been more important for play providers to ensure that the surfaces down below are going to keep our little ones safe.

Using the latest sophisticated technology, Play Force can provide impact testing to determine the impact performance of all playing surfaces including loose-fill (sand, bark) and unitary (synthetic turf, rubber). 

When should you test your playing surfaces?

The first test, and often the most important, takes place prior to opening the playground to your potential users. Commissioning a comprehensive post-installation inspection (including impact test) by an accredited playground inspector will let you know if your surfaces meet the requirements of the relevant Australian Standards*.

Regular testing will depend on the type of surface you have. If you have a unitary surface then you will need to test at least every three years to ensure the surface is maintaining it's impact performance.

If you have a loose-fill surface then regular testing is not required as long as the material is known to generally meet the requirements of the Australian Standards and you maintain it to a depth of at least 200 mm.

If your not sure you are meeting the requirements set out in the Australian Standards or you would like to have your playing surface tested, get in touch for a free consultation.

* The current Australian Standards AS 4685.0:2017 and AS 4422:2016 provide the requirements for test frequencies and test method.

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